Friday, Sep 25, 2020

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Three Short Plays! Top Three Winners, Script Tease 2020

The Line, by Janet S. Tiger

Ducks in a Row, by Nicholas Angello

Behind Every Man, by Anita Yellin Simons


The Line: Waiting in line at the grocery you can always meet interesting people you never met before......or did you?

Ducks in a Row: David, an upstanding dentist, is horrified to find his wife (Jessica) in a neighborhood park, trying to catch a duck to eat for dinner. Her new diet requires extra-fresh, free range meats. David desperately tries to convince Jessica to abandon her plan, since it would ruin his reputation as a dentist if people saw his wife chasing ducks in the park. To make matters worse, two of David’s patients happen to show up and want to chat. Later, the Park Manager arrives. She is very protective of the ducks and she is immediately suspicious of David and Jessica’s intentions. When Jessica secretly snatches two sleeping ducks, David gets caught holding the bag -- literally. He takes the blame and ends up feeling the wrath of the community.

Behind Every Man: Imagine you are in the Presidential Bedroom of Richard and Pat Nixon in June 1971 on the night before the Pentagon Papers are to be published in the NYTimes. Somehow Nixon gets word of the imminent publication and Pat doesn't understand why he's so upset. They had no clue that his paranoia would lead from bad to worse.


Janet S. Tiger's work has been performed internationally and published in anthologies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  

Tiger was the recipient of a 2016-17 San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Program Fellowship, 

an NEA-COMBO Fellowship and numerous awards. She has taught workshops for Playwrights Project 

and from 2006-2008 she was Playwright-in-Residence at Swedenborg Hall.

Locally, Tiger’s work has appeared at THAT24HRTHING! (5 years), the CJC 5-minute Play Festival (4 years), Scripps Ranch, the Lyceum Theater and last June, her one-act Oh, Susannah! was seen at Lamplighters Theatre in La Mesa. Her full-length, The Third Party, was a San Diego Drama  Critics Circle Nominee for Best New Play.   

Longtime Scripteaser member, Tiger's first play was read at D.J. Sullivan's house in 1980.

Nicholas Angello, born and raised in San Diego, has always loved the art of storytelling. He is a writer of fiction, plays, and screenplays. While at Vanderbilt University, he wrote and produced a television show for the student television station. Recently, one of his short fiction pieces was selected to be published in “A Year in Ink” -- an anthology based in San Diego.

Anita Yellin Simons is a political activist and playwright who combines her love of history and activism in her many award-winning plays. She has had every play she's written read at Scripteasers from her first play GOODBYE MEMORIES about Anne Frank to HEARTLAND (co-written with Lojo Simon), about German POWs working on American farms and what happened to thousands of German-Americans sent to internment camps during WWII. Later plays include THIS WE’LL DEFEND, about female rape in the military, IN SANITY, about a family's struggle with teenage drug addiction, and SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN, about domestic abuse in the late 1960s. Her comedy J'OY VEY (co-written with Lojo Simon) about dueling new grandmas -- one Jewish and one Gentile, was produced in 2017 at the Trinity Street Players in Austin. Her most recent personal drama FAMILY MYSTIQUE had a reading at Scripps Ranch Theater in 2018. 

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Moderator: Ha Ngyuen

Zoom Host: Grant Gelvin


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