Friday, April 17, 2020

All readings begin promptly at 7:30 pm

3404 Hawk St., San Diego

Full length play!

"Ray of Lightning" by Mark Turner

Synopsis: Ray is a helpful, healing resident of her retirement facility at 94 years of age. The staff welcomes a new 94-year-old resident, the well-known African-American film score composer Dr. Allen DeMark, and Ray recognizes him from her youth. He shows no recognition of her but they both know stories from the past of Rayanne Damping, a young woman made famous for her extraordinary preaching and
miraculous healing ministry in the 1930’s. The stories appear in their presence as Ray presses him to remember a certain Eddie Noble, music director of Rayanne’s ministry. Their unscrupulous publicist
Bradford Ranken used him to destroy the ministry, and the love between Eddie and Rayanne. DeMark hides a past too dangerous to reveal but which torments him to this day. Will Ray reach into the past and heal the chasm which tore them apart?

Author Bio:  Mark Turner is a visual artist, filmmaker, writer and artistic leader. He has produced and taught in five major regions of the globe as the director of Horizon Gate Productions, a non-profit arts organization which he co-founded with his wife in 1981. He tells stories in several forms including poetry, short art films, audio theater, stage plays, screenplays, short stories and novellas. Mark has published 11 books of stories, poetry, plays and non-fiction. He offers workshops in the creative processes, seeks productions of his plays and sells his visual art online all to create opportunities for recipients to discover their true selves. The range of his work can be accessed at



Refreshments: tba

Moderator: Susan Benninghoff

Greeter: Kymri Wilt

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