Friday, May 14, 2021

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Three Short Plays 


by Michael Vegas Mussman

George needs help. 

So he calls customer service. 

Things go about as badly as we have come to expect.



by Cathy Marlowe

57-year-old Gracie, first time bride, is torn about confronting her

Mother-in-Law to be, 98-year-old Barb, about who the REAL bride is.



by Joni Ravenna Sussman

Ellen’s a romance novelist in search of the perfect sperm – one detached from the rest of the male anatomy. Bob’s a regular at the sex clinic for a smorgasbord of dysfunction he’d prefer to keep secret. Might they find love in the waiting room? Or could one of them be keeping something a little more nefarious up their sleeve? … and pant leg?


About the Authors...

Michael Vegas Mussman is a playwright and lyricist, a new member of The Scripteasers. Together with Nicolas Reveles, he wrote the libretto for a chamber opera called Take Care of Him. Last October, he premiered Don't Get Caught,  his new musical comedy, on Zoom. Michael lives in San Diego with his husband and their dog Mathilde.

Cathy Marlowe, a Property Manager (not by choice), finally put aside her fears in the year 2020 in which she entitled the year of “what the heck, just go for it” and completed her first 10-minute play. Since then, Cathy has written a few more plays, has taken many wonderful writing classes and is now working on a TV sitcom in hopes of that 10 year run!

Joni Ravenna Sussman is an award-winning playwright, TV writer and published author. She was head writer of the TV series, Earth Trek (PBS) and the ACE-nominated, Great Sports Vacations (The Travel Channel). Her critically acclaimed play, “Beethoven and Misfortune Cookies,” will be reprised this month in the Playground Fest and the International SOS Festival. In July/August it will appear on stage at the Austin Public Theatre. Her short play, “The Green Grocer’ will run in Australia’s Short and Sweet Fest this summer. 


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