Friday, November 13, 2020

All readings begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. ​

A Night of One-Acts!

"Stay Home" by Tom Steward

 A postal worker tries to deliver a package to a house but the homeowner wants it put in his hands. After knocking and leaving him a package in the mailbox, BILL is stopped by JOSH and repeatedly asked to hand his delivery to him at the door. JOSH will stop at nothing to convince BILL to come to the door but the more the postal worker learns about the homeowner’s living situation, the less he wants to do it. Who will break the impasse and what’s really at stake for BILL and for JOSH if the homeowner leaves his house?

"Summer Me, Winter Me" by Richard Fouts

 It’s New Year’s Eve, 1999 and composer Clayton Scott has a lot to celebrate: two Oscars, a Medal of Freedom, and his devoted opera-singer wife, Carla. But, as the 20th century comes to a close, the couple must also face an unbearable crossroad. When Clayton proposes the path he’d like to take he asks Carla for the unimaginable. She considers his request, but not without an even more unthinkable condition.

"How to Get an A in Algebra" by Joanna McMillan

Have you ever wanted to get an A in Algebra without doing the work?  The students in Ms. Rogers’s class have stressed her to the point where she is reduced to praying during class.  But a twist of events – perhaps even an answered prayer – reveals how acing Algebra can happen in unexpected ways.  

About the Authors...

TOM STEWARD is the author of the solo shows THE GODFATHER ONE PART (YouTube) and THE BOND SHOW (San Diego International Fringe Festival 2018, Onstage Playhouse, La Jolla Theatre Ensemble). His one-act play LIVE AT FOLSOM PRISON was selected for New Village Arts’ Final Draft New Play Festival 2020. In 2019, he penned the one-act play DEAD PLAY (Lamplighters Theatre) and co-wrote comedy SPACE FORCE! (San Diego International Fringe Festival 2019). Other produced plays include THE FUTURE OF COFFEE HOUSES (Navigators Theater, New Play Café), NO PHONES (Theatre Arts West) and THE ONLY REAL DINER IN TOWN (New Play Café). Tom is also an actor who has performed across the United Kingdom (Edinburgh International Fringe Festival 2003/2004, Warwick Arts Centre) and San Diego County (New Village Arts, The Old Globe). He is the founder and Artistic Director of Lonesome Whistle Productions, a theatre company dedicated to developing innovative solo plays.

RICHARD FOUTS is a San Diego playwright and a recent transplant from New York City.  His first full-length work, The Birthday Lottery, a new play about the Vietnam draft, premiered at Z-Space, San Francisco’s premiere theatre for new works, to sold-out audiences in 2018. Since then, Fouts has written My Afternoon with Lenny (a light comedy about Leonard Bernstein), Dead Serious (a dark comedy about two female assassins) and is developing his short play, Summer Me, Winter Me (a drama about a composer and his opera-singer wife) into a full-length play.


JOANNA McMILLAN is a San Diego playwright and currently runs a website called Live Love Quiz and writes for The Rock Church.  She went to school in New Mexico and studied business, but quickly changed her major to something that interested her more; creative writing. Even though she changed her major, she was still able to learn many valuable business skills as she worked her way up from a part time associate to a sales manager at the largest Macys in San Diego.  Currently Joanna is focused on improving her writing, building her website and completing her first book.


Moderator: Mitch Feingold

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