Friday, June 11, 2021

All readings begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. ​

Three Short Plays 


by Amy Dell

In a jail cell, two women negotiate over what course to take in a pending court case.  “Negotiations” pivots from disagreements over trial strategy and a potential plea deal to an understanding of the importance of respect, both for others and oneself.


by Amy Dell

Ethel has been married to Fred for almost 22 years, their only daughter recently left for college, and Ethel fears that their intimacy has diminished.  Ethel also recently turned to veganism.  Applying reason, a joint love of their dog, and her sexual prowess, Ethel attempts to convert Fred.  However, it is an unexpected event that brings sharper focus on the strength and beauty of their relationship. 


by Jeff Mitchell

Four alien mercenaries headed for earth have some concerns dealing with their “Bosses”.

About the Authors...

Amy Dell  has been performing as an actor in San Diego theatres since moving here in 2007.  However, after a long hiatus, she is  excited to be returning to playwriting.  She has been inspired and awed by hearing the work of San Diego writers during readings shared by The Scripteasers and other local writing  organizations over the last couple of years, and through her  participation in the Old Globe’s Community Voices Program.

Jeff Mitchell  resides in a somewhat unsecluded area of sunny Ramona, Ca. On his good days he is released from his straightjacket and allowed the use of a used box of colored crayons or dull pencil (depending on the day). With that mornings pap lazily drooling down his chin he takes colored crayon or dull pencil in hand and goes to quietly smearing the wrinkled page placed before him.


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