Our playwriting members were asked: 

“How has Scripteasers helped you to become a better writer?”

Jeanne Becijos

Jeanne has been writing plays since 2003. Her musical and one acts have been produced in San Diego, the 2014 San Diego Fringe Festival, NYC, and New York State. A full-length play and several one-acts have been finalists in festivals and contests. 


"At Scripteasers, I've enjoyed honing my writing skills through having my plays read, and also by listening to the critiques of other plays. In addition, I appreciate the camaraderie of others interested in plays." 


Kathleen A McLaughlin 

Kathleen studied playwriting at Grossmont College. Since then she has won several contests and has had plays produced around the country and, recently, in the 2014 San Diego Fringe Festival. Her other literary experiences include journalism, editor and publisher, as well as illustrator of several books and publications. Kathleen adores entertaining people with everyday events and situations.


"When I had my first play read at The Scripteasers, I realized just how much I had to learn. Listening to other plays and the critiques, I have learned a great deal about stage directions, stage sets and character development. The advice, encouragement and comradery of the group are amazing and encouraging. The magnificent actors and readers are able to get into character instantly. Since I joined The Scripteasers, I have had five plays produced and won several awards."

Jim Reynolds

Jim has a Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an M.B.A. from UCLA. He served as an Army Lieutenant in Vietnam. He made his living as a Registered Architect at various architectural firms and public agencies in the states of New York, Washington, and California. Jim acted in and/or designed sets for over thirty plays in various community theaters around the country. Now he is writing plays, usually dark comedies. A member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Jim lives with his wife Mary in Chula Vista.


"When I started coming to Scripteasers in 2011, I had only been writing plays for a year…I was eager to hear my plays read aloud by someone other than me at every possible opportunity.  To date, Scripteasers has given me seven such opportunities.  Based on my observations and feedback from the audience on what worked and what didn’t, I have revised my plays for the better.  One of my ten-minute plays won second place in the 2012 Annual Script Tease of Short Plays."

Janet S. Tiger

Janet S. Tiger's monologues, one-acts and plays have been performed internationally from Kennedy Center to South Korea and published in anthologies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  She is the recipient of an NEA-COMBO Fellowship Award, numerous contest awards and multiple commissions. Her most recent production “GOD'S COFFEE SHOP” was performed at “that24hourthing” at the 2014 San Diego Fringe Festival. Janet was Playwright-in-Residence at Swedenborg Hall in San Diego from 2006-2008. 


"I have been a member of Scripteasers since 1980. From my first reading (more details on my website page) through my most recent MONOLOGUE MANIA in June, my success as a playwright –whether off- Broadway or in Burma - is largely due to the amazing help, support and suggestions I have received over the years from Scripteasers readings.  And my very first production was my third play read at Scripteasers.  The title....SCRIPTEASE! Thank you, Scripteasers - I would not have been able to achieve what I have without you!"


Janet's websites:   JanetSTiger.weebly.com    http://janetstigermonologuemania.blogspot.com/


Sandra de Helen

Sandra de Helen's dramas and comedies have been performed all over the United States as well as Internationally. Audiences in NYC, Chicago, Ireland, London, and the Philippines have been entertained and challenged by Sandra’s provocative writing. In 2017, her work was staged at Athena Cats Theatre of Santa Monica, Women's Theatre Festival of NC, Samuel French in LA, and read by Scripteasers in San Diego. In the past five years, her work has been staged in NYC, LA, Portland, and Canada. Her writings are archived in the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Collection at Ohio State University. Sandra studied with Maria Irene Fornes, and with Matt Zrebski. With Kate Kasten, she co-founded Actors’ Sorority in Kansas City, Missouri. Later Sandra founded the Portland Women’s Theatre Company as well as Penplay. Today, she is a member of Scripteasers of San Diego, International Centre for Women Playwrights, and the Dramatists Guild.

"The first thing I did when I knew I was moving to San Diego was to google for playwriting groups, and found The Scripteasers. My first San Diego outing was to a reading. Next, I submitted a play. Two years later I was invited to become a member, and now I'm Corresponding Secretary for this wonderful group. The Scripteasers has read several of my pieces, provided constructive criticism, good actors for the readings, and the support of people who love theatre."

Sandra's website: SandradeHelen.com