Friday, July 24, 2020

All readings begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.  Zoom link below.

Four short works!

Sheba's Butt, a monologue by T.Y.  Joe

A Worm in my Brain, a monologue by T. Y. Joe

Reproductive Services, by Jeff Mitchel

Fly by Wired, by Jeff Mitchell


Sheba's Butt: A mature, well groomed man, a man of faith who
speaks from the depth of his troubled soul. Other times
he is exultant with the intoxicating pleasures of the
forbidden affair.

A Worm in My Brain, The narrator is in her late thirties or
early forties. She is a focused, energetic person.
As the play begins she seems to be deeply troubled and trying to grasp something difficult to comprehend.

Reproductive Services is a one act play approximately ten minutes in length with three characters. The play deals with the possibility (probability) of giving unnatural birth in the near future. The conflict comes through the husband's mother with old ways struggling with the expectant mother's new ways. 

Fly by Wired: The synopsis of the play is the struggle of an aging pilot that has been compromised by corporate greed.



T. Y. Joe's: I was a Shubert Playwriting Fellow at the University of Nebraska.  My plays have been produced in the Los Angeles area theatres.  I am a member of Dramatist Guild of America.  My articles on cultural and educational issues have been published in the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Herald Examiner, and other periodicals.

The author Jeff Mitchell appears seemingly normal when encountering his outer shell. However when putting pen to paper he has been described at times as a “sick puppy” and his work has been described as “dark” and even “disturbing”. Unable to deny these accusations he author would like it to be known he relishes those accolades. 

Refreshments: Your kitchen

Moderator: Michael Conley

Zoom Host: Grant Gelvin


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