Friday, September 11, 2020

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Three short plays! Honorable Mentions Script Tease 2020

Pest Control, by Tom Steward

The Lionessby Lettie S. De Anda

Budster, by Steven Oberman


Pest Control:  WILL wants to get rid of the creatures living in the floorboards of his house and calls in exterminator OTTO for a consultation. WILL soon discovers that OTTO cannot guarantee his wife MARIA’s wishes for humane extermination and sets out to convince her that it is necessary for their safety. With OTTO’s return looming, WILL must get MARIA on his side or face having them both stand witness to the ensuing slaughter. However, MARIA has an equally cruel alternative in mind and must negotiate with OTTO behind WILL’s back to make it happen before her husband can take her away.


The Lioness: is about isolation and becoming who you are. Nothing is worse than being around others who make us feel alone. I set out to tell the story of a young woman who has no

sense of who she is and who is surrounded by people who don’t support her. She has spent her life trying to be the person society (here represented by her mom and her boyfriend) wants her to be. She loses herself in their idea of who she is. I’ve met many people, especially young women who take on the beliefs and likes of their parents and then their potential partners without discovering and questioning who they are and what they believe or want for themselves. I wanted to see to what extent a person might change who they are, to either please someone else or to finally become who they want to be.

Budster: In an age when men are encouraged to make more male friends for their overall health, a new app called “Budster” comes to the rescue. Dwayne is a middle-aged man, who is newly separated and feeling alone in the world. Kevin is a family man, whose wife wants him to find a friend with similar background and upbringing as their own. After being matched on “Budster,” Dwayne and Kevin agree to make their introductions at a local sports bar, but their meet-up seems to be destined for a “one and done.” That is, until a waitress unwittingly becomes the catalyst that forms a bond between them, as they join forces to defend their right to be respected as men. The one-act play, Budster, highlights the beginning of a friendship, which shows that a true friend walks into your life at the precise moment when it seems the rest of the world has walked out.


Tom Steward is the author of the solo shows THE GODFATHER ONE PART (YouTube) and THE BOND SHOW (San Diego International Fringe Festival 2018, Onstage Playhouse, La Jolla Theatre Ensemble). His one-act play LIVE AT FOLSOM PRISON was selected for New Village Arts’ Final Draft New Play Festival 2020. In 2019, he penned the one-act play DEAD PLAY (Lamplighters Theatre) and co-wrote comedy SPACE FORCE! (San Diego International Fringe Festival 2019). Other produced plays include THE FUTURE OF COFFEE HOUSES (Navigators Theater, New Play Café), NO PHONES (Theatre Arts West) and THE ONLY REAL DINER IN TOWN (New Play Café). Tom is also an actor who has performed across the United Kingdom (Edinburgh International Fringe Festival 2003/2004, Warwick Arts Centre) and San Diego County (New Village Arts, The Old Globe). He is the founder and Artistic Director of Lonesome Whistle Productions, a theatre company dedicated to developing innovative solo plays. 

Lettie S. De Anda received her MA in Theatre from the University of Texas at El Paso. Her

focus was on directing and she also studied playwriting, directing and Chicano Theatre. As an

undergraduate Leticia received a BA - Cum laude in Political Science and with a minor in

theatre. Leticia has merged her passion for Politics and Theatre and has spent the last two

decades directing, teaching, and acting. She has worked with school age students in various

settings such as homeschools, private schools, theatre programs, and non profit after school

programs helping them to find their creative voice.

Steven Oberman

Steven’s plays have been produced in California, New York, Texas and Ohio. Last year Oberman performed in the workshop production of his biographical one-person play, Blurred at the Edges, based on Dr. John Langdon Down of Down’s Syndrome. His one-acts Leaving Shadows, Looking for Muse, and A Slip From Reality have received productions in San Diego, and have toured San Diego schools. His plays Leaving Reality and Vanished have been produced for San Diego International Fringe Festival, and his adaptation of G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, received a workshop production at Broadway Theatre in Vista. He received the First Place Award for his one-act, Forgive Me Not, from Scripteasers’ Short Play competition. Other produced full-length plays include Mozu, the musical, and Claire Voyant. Oberman is a teaching artist for Playwrights Project. Steven is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

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