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Kathleen A McLaughlin’s “The Opossum Tale Tail” is one of many plays originally read at Scripteasers that have been performed at theaters throughout the nation.  

If you have been notified that your script has been selected for a reading, go to Step 2 of 2:

Script Submissions - Step 1 of 2

Thank you for your interest in submitting your script. Over the years, Scripteasers has developed these guidelines to explain our submission process. Read them over carefully.

Submitting your script...

We seek traditional scripts that reveal plot and character through dialogue, and contain sparse stage directions. We like one-acts of any length and lean full-lengths (60–85 pages). In keeping with the economic reality of producing for today’s theater, we look for smaller casts and fewer settings, as opposed to large casts with multiple sets. From time to time, we consider screenplays, but our focus is on writing for the stage. We do not consider musicals.

Your script must be original, free of copyright restrictions and un-produced. Plays that have had previous readings are considered, but no script that has been produced or published can be accepted.​

We restrict submissions to San Diego-area writers because we require playwrights to participate in their readings, and to attend at least one other reading before their own reading. ​


Your first step is to submit your script.  You can do so by (1) emailing a PDF or MS Word document to the address at the bottom, or (2) by giving us a hard copy. Your script must be:​

(A) Written in standard dramatic format*​

(B) Be securely bound (hard copies) if mailed

(C) Contain the following information:

1. Type: 10-minute, one-act, full-length

2. Length: pages, approx. running time

3. Cast: number of roles broken down by women and men

4. Include as a separate document: (a) synopsis -- 50-75 words, and (b) an author's bio.

Please allow about four weeks for review. The Scripteasers is not obligated to schedule any script. If your script is selected, we will contact you to discuss a date.​

*For samples of standard dramatic formatting, google "Gordon State College playwriting format" or "playwriting format" .