agatha christie, samuel french, three acts
agatha christie, three acts, play, samuel french

Script Submissions - Step 2 of 2

If your script is selected:

We will contact you to discuss the date. Prior to your own reading you MUST attend one or more Scripteasers readings. There are no exceptions. Experience has proven that authors who understand our process and the format of our discussions derive the most benefit from their own reading. ​

One week before your reading...

The moderator assigned to your reading will contact you about a week in advance. This person is an invaluable resource - give him or her as much information as possible. Among the items the moderator will ask you about are:​

1. Casting: number of roles (women, men); possible doubling of parts; general age ranges; accents, etc.

2. Discussion Topics: we follow an outline of eight discussion items that yield maximum feedback in the time allotted. The moderator will discuss these with you.

3. What are you looking for from this reading? Is this the play's first public reading, or is it a re-write?  Are there any specific questions you would like the moderator to pose?

4. If your full length play does not follow a traditional structure (i.e. scenes and acts), suggest a point in the script for a 10 minute break.

5. Cold readings such as ours require experienced readers. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to cast your play from among Scripteasers' own actor/readers. If an unusually large cast is required, or if a part calls for a specific talent, you may ask for that role to be read by an outside actor. 

Copies of your script...

You will need to provide a script for each actor, plus one more for the narrator. Scripts must be securely bound. We will ask you to leave one script for the Scripteasers archives. The playwright is responsible for all expenses in preparing the scripts.

On the night of your reading...

Arrive 30 minutes early. If the play has not been cast, the moderator will help you or you may select your own actors from those present. You are welcome (indeed, encouraged) to invite friends to attend. If your script is a one-act, we request you and your guests to remain for any readings that follow. This is a professional courtesy we extend to all writers.

During the discussion...

The playwright may not speak during the discussion. Listen to the feedback without attempting to defend your work or answer questions. Make notes on suggestions or about any comments you don't understand. At the conclusion, the moderator will offer you the opportunity to make brief remarks and answer one or two general questions.

A social hour will follow (we provide the refreshments). Take this opportunity to mingle with the audience and follow up on comments you didn't understand or need more information on. Answer specific questions or provide more background on your play.​

These guidelines have helped Scripteasers create exciting play readings for 70 years. We welcome your submission and look forward to seeing you at our readings. Thank you.​